Monday, April 6, 2009

It is starting...

Well, Laney is really starting to pick up on what her PT is teaching her. Today we worked on walker with a little walker (Laney's size) and then on pull to stand. She is catching on really quickly to the pull to stand because that is all she wants to do now. I am glad it only takes her a few times to learn things but now I am the mother of a typical child in my thinking of oh no here it goes. She is going to be into everything even more that she already is. She will just cackle if you tell her no-no when she is getting into something she shouldn't be and then go faster to get there or just laugh at you. It is so cute. Tonight I let her try to walk with her walker (it converts from one you sit in to one you can walk behind) and she did it all on her own. It was awesome. Of course I made Ricky video tape it. All I did was hold the walker so it wouldn't get away from her and she moved her little legs all by herself. SO excited!!!!

Logan is getting ready to sign up for tball and he only has 3 more soccer games left. He is doing really well in soccer this season. I can't wait to see how he does in tball this summer. The easter bunny is bringing him a tball glove, bat and ball. We have already bought his cleats and will just have to buy his pants once we know what color we need. He got his report card today and got all "S" which is good and his teacher wrote on there that he loves to answer questions...we thought that was funny because it is so true. He loves being the center of attention almost all the time. They are having a easter party at school on Thursday and we are responsible for taking the cupcakes. We went to wal-mart and ordered them tonight. He wanted a cupcake cake in the shape of an egg. He is getting extremely opinionated now.

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