Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well today was another painful day for my legs but I pushed through it and went to the gym again and did a spinning class. I sweated in places I didn't know you could sweat but it was worth it to look to the future and think about not being fat anymore...LOL! I am not going tomorrow and I probably won't go back until Tuesday because I am not sure when we will be home on Monday from getting Charlie.

Logan had his class easter stuff today. Those kids are wild and we jacked them up on sugar and pizza...what were we thinking. He got lots of candy and made some cute stuff but he was more excited that I signed him out and brought him home when I left instead of making him ride the bus.

Laney stayed with my mom and grandmother today. She apparently had a great time and my mom said she hardly made a sound all day other than a little jabbering. My grandmother was so excited that she had Laney all day today so that was nice too.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!!

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