Monday, April 27, 2009

Hows about some photos

Well, I thought I should finally get around to sharing some photos with ya. Here are a few I took over the past little bit. Tonight is Logan's last soccer game of the season (thank goodness we will be done with the coach from hell!) He can't wait to start tball now. Laney has her 15mth well check today. I will post later how that appt goes.

Here Logan is holding (torturing) Laney at the bowling alley after we picked Uncle Charlie up at Camp Lejeune. This is the first time Logan has bowled in real life. He decided it is much easier to bowl on the Wii.
This is Uncle Charlie, Logan & Laney

This is how she spent most of the trip out to Camp Lejeune...must be nice.

and this is how Logan spent his trip (wouldn't it have been awesome to have this stuff when we were kids)

Daddy, Logan & Laney riding on the carousel

Me & Laney on the carousel

Logan at the soccer game

He got to do the throw in

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