Monday, April 27, 2009

15 mth wellcheck

Laney had her wellcheck today. She is still in the 10th percentile for height and weight. She weighs 20 lb 7 oz and is 28 3/4 inches tall. He said that if she just starts walking she will be just about perfect for her age. (LOL) She has two bottom front teeth trying to break through although her top molars on each side are pretty much almost all the way in now. She can throw down on a cheeseburger...hahaha. She had to get one vaccine and then we had to go over to the hospital to have her thyroid checked. He should have those results within 24 hrs he said. Tomorrow we go for her follow up eye exam. Pedi dr said he thinks her right eye crossing has gotten considerably worse since just January so we shall see what Mr. Eye Dr thinks.

Tonight Logan had his last soccer game this season...he scored a goal!!! We were so excited. After the game we had pizza for the kids and stupid coach didn't even bother to stay. He said he had to run because he had someone playing soccer and needed to get to that game to watch it. I understand that but geez it was your teams final game and he didn't even say anything to the kids. NOTHING!!! He totally sucks as a coach!

I went to my cousin in laws jewelry party tonight and I am planning on having one on May 21st at 630 if anyone would like to come...please email me or comment to let me know.

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