Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eye dr

Laney's right eye is crossing more and more it seems. She went back for her recheck this morning and he noticed it as well. She can see far off but it crosses up close. When they checked her vision last time there were no problems there but she just has an issue with her focus in the right eye. He wanted us to patch her left eye (since its dominant) and make her right eye work harder and see if that would correct the problem...Laney was having no part of that patch going on her eye. She pulled it back off. Oh well whats next. Today he gives her eye drops that we put in her left eye once a week and it will cause her vision to get really blurry so she has to use her right eye to make up for the left eye not working (with the drops in). They last a few hours and they will make her very sensitive to light. (he said if we have to take her outside while they are in she will prob need sunglasses and a hat to help block the sun) My MIL bought her the cutest most adorable pair of sunglasses. They will be mailed to us by next week and I will of course post a pic as soon as I can. We take her back at the end of May for a recheck and he will dilate her eyes then and recheck her vision to see if glasses will work or if she will just need the bifocals (if they drops dont help and the bifocals she gets are not like for adults).

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  1. Hey thanks for the pictures- GREAT! I am so sorry about Laney's eye issues. My cousin's lil boy Aaron- he had to do the patch thing- now he has glasses- its too cute to see lil ones w/ glasses on. They did struggle to keep him from taking them off 100x a day but eventually he learn he could see better w/ them on; so he didn't bother them anymore.

    My surgery is next week- will you be in Gtown before then? Email or comment back- I check both.