Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Another night of torture at the gym!!! I can barely walk today but still managed to get to the gym to do some working out. We did a little cardio on the treadmill cause no way could we do the eliptical and then we did a little arm weights and then we did a pilates class which was great although I was skeptical at first.

Tomorrow is Logan's Easter party at school so I will be busy tomorrow cause I have to take his cupcakes and then do the egg hunt.

We are getting pretty excited about going to Camp Lejeune this weekend to get Charlie and I am sure I will have lots of pictures to post when we get home.

Also...can't wait to see idol mad I didn't get to see all of it last night...stupid fox people should have just made it an hour and a half show instead of an hour...they knew they would run over the time if it was an hour. URGH!!!!!!! My prediction is it will be one of the following: Anoop, Kris, Scott or Lil ( I like Scott so hope it isn't him but last night wasn't great for him)

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