Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well tonight I started a workout class that last 6 weeks. My legs are hurting so bad!!! She asked us when she did our measurements if we worked out or not...I of course said NO (I try to go and have good intentions but they never come to be) so she put me in the low impact group...thank the lord!!! The ones that said they worked out looked like they were about to die doing what she had them doing so I am so glad I said I don't work out. My friend and I have plans to go again tomorrow and just do some working out without the class (the class is every Tuesday at 7 and last an hour so I have to DVR American Idol). I hope I loose some inches and weight because if not, I am giving up and having it all surgical removed and fixed and I will be a barbie doll. LOL!!!

Logan had a soccer game tonight and he did AWESOME!!! He scored one goal all on his own (actually he scored two but one was in the other teams net so I didn't count it as for our team). He went to kick the ball into the net and his foot kinda rolled across the top and he fell down but still hit the ball into the net. He was so proud and I was jumping up and down screaming. Can't wait for the next game so Rick can go and see how much he has improved.

Laney stayed at MawMaw and PawPaw's house while we went to soccer and the gym because it is so cold. They said she played so well and was pulling up on everything. When I got there and was holding her, she started to pull my hair and of course I told her NO-NO and she just laughed at me. This is going to be so much fun I can already tell. She is really into pulling hair or messing with your earrings and laughs at you when you tell her no. The Diva's personality is already there!!! LOL!!!

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  1. So the princess is now the diva? I can't wait to see her again- it has been so long.

    2 goals= is awesome....yes you can count the other team- it went into the net right? Go Logan!