Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay so when we took Laney to the dr yesterday I totally forgot something he told us until this afternoon...Here goes...

Pedi: "If she shows an interest in potty training you can go ahead with that"
Me: "Ummmmm. Okay"

So I am wondering here how I am supposed to know she is interested in potty training...she is 15 mths old, doesn't walk yet, and really doesn't have many words in her vocabulary just yet. Is she supposed to army crawl to the bathroom, do her bizness and then yell out Mommy I'm done...GEEZ!!! I thought about this and I just laugh. I am soooooo confused as to what he was thinking. I know she doesn't go back until her 2 yr checkup (he said 18 mth well check is optional and he will see her when she gets sick again anyways) so maybe he just meant between now and then...I have no idea.

Just thought I would share this random craziness with you all since I live it everyday!!!

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  1. Hey- got your voicemail but of course had no reception to call back.

    I am thinking he meant b/w now and her 2 yr well check. I don't think she is ready and to be quite honest I don't think she will be ready by age 2. She may, I am just going on exp. w/ Blake - he was 35 mths old- almost 3.

    Weird very weird.....for him to say that. I mean did he think if Laney was ready that you wouldn't let her WTH??