Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It appears that Laney getting her molars in first was the cake walk. Now she is cutting those bottom front teeth. YIKES!!! Those suckers are sharp and she doesn't want you checking them out. She has one that has popped through just a little bit but still waiting on the other one. I forgot how bad this was but of course Logan didn't really make a fuss when he teethed...he did it and got it over with...LOL!

This week is a busy week at Logan's school. It is teacher/staff appreciation week and tomm, I am going in to take his class to lunch so that his teachers can go eat a catered lunch without children. I am also taking in some brownies for them. Then on Friday, they are having a mothers tea in the afternoon so I will be going to that with my little monkey. On Sunday, we have decided we are going to a theme park close to Charlotte since we have season passes this year and not going to go see our mom's on that day, we will see them a different day. This is what I wanted for mother's day, to spend the day with the kids and my hubby doing something totally fun.

I have been going to a class with an awesome teacher at the gym and it is a 6 week course. She took our measurements at the first class and then again at the third class. This is week 5 so we will be getting our measurements done again next Tuesday so I only have this week left to kick some "fat cell booty" and try to be the one that looses the most inches to win the facial/massage prize. I have been going at least 3 times a week although last week I went 4 times and this week I plan to go everyday except Sat and Sun. Last night I did zumba and I am a little bit sore. I am really trying to get some weight off and get back in shape mostly because I hate the way I look but also b/c I need to drop some weight so that my diabetes stays under control. I will update on my progress after class next week.

Quick side note: wanted to tell my buddy good luck today on her surgery and I am thinking about you and way to go on the new job!!!

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  1. Thanks, your good luck worked:) Now, come join me at the new job- it would be soooo much fun to work together again!!

    Have fun Sunday- we may do the zoo....we'll see how I feel and see what my schedule is.