Friday, May 8, 2009

So Sweet

I went to Logan's class today for a Mother's Day Tea. It was so sweet!!! They had made a video of each of them saying why they loved their mom. Logan said he loves me because I tuck him in at night, fix him cereal and help him with his homework...isn't that so sweet! They also gave us little flowers they planted and sang songs for us. Of course I cried.

On another try and ruin my afternoon...we ordered Laney some sunglasses a week ago Tuesday when we took her to the eye dr. They said they would mail them to us once they got them in and that I should have them by this Tuesday...well, that has come and gone and no sunglasses yet. I called on Tuesday to see if they had been mailed and they said they should be mailed on Wednesday. Well, Wednesday rolled around and no sunglasses so I waited until after the mail run yesterday and still no sunglasses, I called them back and they said they had went out yesterday but guess what...I still didn't get them today. I called back and they said they had made a mistake and they were still sitting there on the desk NOT MAILED YET!!!! I am so furious. I was told I would have them in a week and now I won't have them until Monday at the earliest. Those dang things were $30.00 for her and we ordered them because when we give her the eye drops to help with her strabismus, the drops make her very sensitive to light and we wanted to make sure we got her some good UV protection. This is so riduculous and URGH!!!!

Anyway...I will try not to think about that and just think about how cute it was Logan singing songs for me and the little video they made.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

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