Thursday, May 14, 2009


It appears I may have travelled back in time to a place where video games were not what they are today and as kids we didn't care about how long it took us to beat the game and we sure didn't have strategy guides to help us breeze through the boards and cheats to help us win easier. Ricky downloaded The Legend of Zelda on the Wii...I am so addicted. I am gonna beat this darn game as an adult but ya know what...I'm not as smart as child Tasha was. I have to look crap up on the internet to see what I'm missing. So sad right!!! It has taken me over a week to beat level 6 alone. Finally figured out I was supposed to buy that darned blue ring and it would help me not die as Anyway...just thought I would share how sad it is to be here right now knowing I am trying to beat Zelda...hahahhaha.

P.S. Don't be jealous...hahhahaha

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