Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kindergarten is not for me!!!

Today I volunteered to take Logan's class to lunch so his teacher could have a "duty-free lunch" since it is Teacher Appreciation week. So when I signed up I thought to myself how bad can this be, its almost the end of the year the kids should know what is expected of them and we should be great. WRONG!!!!! Those kids are wild! They wanted to talk and run and jump in line and that's before we ever got to the lunch room. It was alot and I give major kudos to my son's teacher for dealing with these kids every day!!!

So, if I had ever thought that maybe teaching was for me...I don't think that now...well as far as kindergarten goes anyway...

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  1. You already are a great teacher; I am excited to join the PTO/PTA at B's school this school year. Remind me of this post when I have had a kindergarten lunch LOL