Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another One and T-Ball Too

Well, this morning when I was changing Laney's diaper, she laughed and I saw something out of the corner of my eye...another tooth. This one is on the top. She is like a teething machine. So now she has her top two molars and one front bottom tooth and front top tooth. Sooo cute.

Tonight was Logan's first t-ball practice. They haven't given us teams just yet but they broke them up into groups to practice some fundamentals. Logan had a blast. He is so excited. Turns out we know several people playing this sport...different than soccer..LOL! We saw one of Rick's cousins, my hairdressers son, a boy from our soccer team, and a kid from Logan's class. We have practice again tommorrow night for an hour and maybe I will get more info then.

My last exercise class was supposed to be tonight but the instructor has a stomach bug so it has been post-poned until next Tuesday. I hope she feels better soon. She is awesome. She was there in case anyone wanted to go ahead with their measurements so I did mine but I am going to try to go again next week (depending on our t-ball schedule) so I will not post my progress until then. I will say that I have lost some inches but I really wish I had lost more so I am gonna try really hard this next week to work out some more.

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