Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last night was Logan's soccer game...they did amazing!!! NO THANKS TO OUR COACH THOUGH!!!! He was not there at the game last night and we got an email an hour before the game was supposed to start reminding us of the game and that we would have practice Tuesday (aka tonight) and Thursday night at 6:00. The last time anyone heard from the coach was at the last game on April 7th!!! (we had a break with games due to spring break). I have complained 2 times to the soccer association and so have other parents but I guess it doesn't matter. I mean, I paid my money just like everyone else did on the other teams but we get stuck with the crappiest coach ever and it doesn't seem to matter to the people on the soccer board that run this. One of the other parents even offered to take over coaching since the person coaching our team doesn't seem to be able to commit to it and the coach said no he was fine but he has missed a couple games and won't schedule practices except week by week. I am sorry but us parents have a life too and most of us have other kids that we have to run around and just take care of in general. URGH!!! If this man is coaching in the Fall season...someone else can have him cause I won't let my kid play for him again!!!

Now that that is off my chest...our kids won last night!!! They really had to play for it last night though cause the other team had some skills I tell ya!!!

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