Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A week in review

Sorry it's been a little wild around here. Let's see whats been going on...Laney has learned something new...she can say Bye-Bye and Bubba now (the bubba refers to Logan). The little princess still refuses to say Ma-Ma though. (she has said it before but won't say it for me or for anyone else that tries to get her to say it).

I am so excited that my brother gets to come home on April 12th (Easter). We will be going out to Camp Lejeune to get him that day and taking the kids with us. He has only seen Laney a few times and it has been awhile since Logan saw him too. I can't wait. He will be out of the Marine Corp now and thank the lord too because he got changed from one company to another in the Fall and the company he used to be in was deployed a few weeks later to Afghanistan and last week several of his buddies were killed in an explosion. He of course feels guilty because he was not there but I am so thankful that he wasn't because that might have been him and I just can't fathom loosing him.

Anyway...Logan is almost finished with soccer. The end of April and then we are going to sign him up for Tball so we will still be busy.

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