Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, the sickness has spread to Ricky. Here is a recap of the past week or so...

Laney: got the flu last Tuesday, ear infection on Friday, went to ER on Sunday and found out she had the croup; went back to pediatrician today for recheck and he said ear infection is in both ears now and gave us an antibiotic. We have to go to her ENT tomorrow and they are going to suction our her tubes to remove the infection and make sure there are no blockages in there since the antibiotic ear drops they gave us on Friday didn't clear it up.

Ricky: got the flu on Saturday and still isn't much better; went to doctor today and she put him out of work all week and gave him an antibiotic because she said his lungs didn't sound very good. He is coughing alot so she also gave him some cough meds. He was dehydrated when we went earlier and she told him if he wasn't able to eat tonight and drink more fluids he would need to go to the ER to get IV fluids. Thankfully after taking the meds this evening he has been able to eat and is still eating right now. Hopefully he is on the road to getting better.

Logan: Thank goodness he hasn't gotten sick (yet!!!). He did fall down today while playing outside and scrapped his arm. We were concerned he might have done more (aka broken it or something) but he began using it and playing again after a bit so I think he is fine. He had his first soccer game a week ago Monday and he scored a goal so he was very excited.

Me: well, thankfully I haven't gotten sick yet either but I am not counting me as safe just yet. My luck will probably be that once Ricky and Laney are better, I will get it and have to just deal with it (LOL). I have spent my past week spraying Lysol all over everywhere all day and scrubbing the kitchen down since that is where Ricky is going alot. He has been sleeping on the couch so I have been spraying it down everyday too (LOL)

Last Sunday morning, Laney seemed to be feeling a little bit better so we decided to go on to the Charlotte Checkers hockey game as planned (without Ricky of course). Now, Laney started running a fever while we were there and that night is when we took her to the ER but Logan had a great time at the game and so did my niece and nephews. Also, my mother in law and father in law went with us and my uncle and his boys. We all enjoyed ourselves and just wish the Checkers had actually won but oh well.

Laney was also in a fashion show the Saturday before she got sick. I have some great pics that I will post after this.

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