Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, this is me of

Logan playing outside

Laney...she wanted me to pick her up

they play so well together

see...he is a great big brother

this is mostly how Laney spent her time at the yard sale fundraiser

family photo at yardsale fundraiser

Logan taking a break at the sale and wearing Laney's sunglasses

me and Laney at the yard sale
Just wanted to share a few pics with you since I am finally getting around to uploading them on the computer.
The kids are both doing well and loving going swimming everyday. Laney is being devoured by mosquitos even though I am spraying her with repellant. So sad and I know they itch but we are trying all sorts of things to find something to help. Any ideas, email me or post a comment. Logan is learning how to tell jokes now...they are really cute too.
Tomorrow is July 4th and we are having a cookout/birthday party for my FIL whose birthday is this coming Wednesday. Busy day. I have made a cake I saw in a book. They are supposed to be Liberty Torches but I am changing it up a bit and just making them with red, white and blue icing and putting tiny flags on top. I will post pics after I get them finished. I will just say so far too cute...they are baked in ice cream cones. Can't wait to share them with you.

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  1. So sexy- LMAO!!!

    the kids are playing so nicely together....awwe!!!