Thursday, June 25, 2009


Why is it that one little extra chromosome can cause such a problem for some people. I am so upset that this is an issue and especially to some folks in our family. I have been thinking about this for a couple days now and didn't want to post too quickly about it because I wanted to be less upset when I did.

IT'S ONE CHROMOSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Down syndrome occurs in 1 out of every 800-1000 births. It is mostly "chance" but sometimes it can be genetic. (if it is genetic then there will be others in your family that have Ds as well-and you will know about it!!!) Laney was born to us with one extra chromosome 17 mths ago. Why is it a problem??? She is a beautiful, happy, healthy little girl that is doing everything every other baby does...maybe in her own time but still she will do it if she isn't already. When we first found out, I know there were some that held out hope that maybe the amnio was wrong and she really didn't have Ds and Ricky and I did as well in a small back part of our heads cause let's all face is science and nothing or no one is perfect so you always allow room for errors. Anyway, once Laney was born, I didn't think of it. All I could think was how chubby she was and she was 4 weeks early!!! Of course, once she headed to the NICU (low blood sugars because I am diabetic) I started worrying about my baby even more but that is NORMAL! We stayed with her everyday except one and that is because I was sick (cold or something) and the nurses told me to go home and get a good nights rest since she would most likely be coming home the next day.

Laney had some feeding troubles but some babies do. We resolved those. She has had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed...I can't tell you how many people in our family have had this done. It is so annoying to hear that some people think that my daughter has Ds b/c it came from someone on my husband's side of the family or my side of the family or that maybe she doesn't really look like she has Ds...are we sure she really has it...she is out growing the features and it isn't as noticable anymore...

COME ON PEOPLE!!! This isn't how we define a person. She is a little girl that just happens to have Ds and yes I am sure because I went through the amnio process and the genetic test came back that she has 3 number 21 chromosomes which means Trisomy 21 otherwise known as Down syndrome. She is not a Down syndrome baby so don't say it.

Please stop worrying about where it came from or what features she has that are typical Ds features. She is our daughter and we love her no matter what and are sick and tired of hearing about this crap. If you can't accept that she has Ds or are ashamed of it or whatever it is that is causing you to say these hurtful things...yes they are hurtful...then don't feel obligated to be subjected to her beautiful, infectious laughter and the overall joy of her life as a baby and toddler and growing into a beautiful, smart, young woman!


  1. beautifully spoken. to know Laney is a privelege.....

    sorry people are being ridiculous.

  2. Ditto Brooke, although I don't know her she looks like a joy to be around and from your descriptions she sounds like one too! I so wish there were not so many ignorant people out there...