Saturday, June 20, 2009


So today was our first "fundraiser" for this year's buddy walk. We decided to have a yard sale and hot dog sale to raise some funds. It was AWESOME!!!!! We had tons of stuff donated to us for the yard sale (a whole enclosed trailer full!!!) and then we had the hot dogs which my mother in law and father in law cooked and donated the hot dogs and buns and fixin's for. We went from 7am until 2pm and boy was it hot. We sold all the hotdogs we had bought for today (including the ones we and I only have about half of the trailer full of stuff left to sell at the next one. We still have people that said they have more stuff to donate to us to sell for Laney's team and if you have anything, just let us know. We really appreciate everyone that helped and donated stuff and their time and energy today!!!

So I guess you would like to know how successful we were today....

We raised a total of $770.00 (after we subtracted the money we started with)!!!! How awesome is that. Amazing right. We have a wonderful community here and everyone was so sweet today and generous as well.

I will post some pics later (when I have time to download them from my camera) and I will let you know when the next sale will be as well. We might have biscuits and coffee at that one cause apparently we had alot of folks asking if we had some coffee this morning. (I really don't understand how you can drink something so hot when it is 90 something degrees outside at

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  1. Great job on the fundraiser!! (I am a friend of Brooke, if you're wondering) Anyhow, I am a veteran fundraiser (I do the Autism Walk and the American Cancer Society Relay For Life every year) and have an easy suggestion for you. Next time you have an event, or even someone in your family, have a 50/50 raffle. $5 a ticket and the winner gets half the cash and the Buddy Walk the other half! Last summer in an hour I raised $310 and then the winner only took $100 so $210 was raised in an hour for Autism Speaks. I am doing it again this year. It's especially great in this ecomomy, people like a chance to win and a huge roll of double tickets is only about $5-10 at Staples or wherever. Anyhow, good luck and if you have a link to your team I would love to donate too!