Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doctor update and Tball Too

Laney went to the eye doctor last Thursday. Her vision is still great and there were no changes...this is good and kinda bad in a way. If she had a vision problem, we could get her glasses and that would help fix the turning in of her right eye but since there are no problems with her vision, at her age, glasses would just be a headache for me and Rick to try to get her to wear. Her eye isn't any worse but it isn't any better either. We go back in 2 mths for another recheck.

Logan was supposed to have his first tball game tonight but all this darn rain keeps messing things up. Game was cancelled tonight but our next one is on Monday. He is so excited to start playing. I will post some pics once we have our first game because we all know I will take a million that night..LOL.

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  1. So I suppose the eye appt was good and bad. Good that it hasn't gotten worse....bad that it can't be treated right now. Ugh!!

    I can't wait to see some T Ball pix. Logan is going to love it, I am sure.

    How goes the swimming??? We just opened our pool up ~ so we have been in about 2 weeks or so. I know Logan is a fish too - I bet he has been in the pool a ton already?!??!