Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, I am such a nerd!!! I was so excited about making the cupcakes in ice cream cones that when I finished I totally forgot to take a photo. I am so mad at myself. They were so pretty. I made them red, white, and blue since it was July 4th and everyone seemed to like them especially the kids.

That night after the birthday party cookout and swimming, we took the kids to see some fireworks. We were so close to were they were shooting them from that we kept feeling the ash fall on us. The kids were tired but they made it through and after it was over, Laney passed out. She liked them until the finale when it was really loud. Before they started, they had bands playing and they even did a small re-enactment of the battle of Kings Mountain. It was awesome! They even had the canons there and let me tell you...LOUD!!! They fired off their muskets too. I have never seen a re-enactment before and now I really want to see a full on one done maybe at Gettysburg or somewhere like know, one of the big battles back then. (If you can't tell, we like history here)

I took a few pics that night but haven't uploaded them yet. I will try to do that soon. Logan has had a tball game every night this week and we have one tonight as well. None tomorrow but we do have one really early Saturday morning and that is the last one. Tuesday they will get their trophies when we all meet at Dairy Queen. He is really getting the hang of this ball thing now though and he also says he doesn't want to play soccer this Fall but he wants to play golf. We shall see. Currently he is pretending to be a Ghostbuster and we all have to pretend to be different people from the movie...thanks Ricky for playing the video game and letting him find out about that...haha.

Laney is doing really well. She is walking while holding on to your hands now and when she is tired she will sometimes turn around and look at you and say "UP". It is so cute.

Last, I want to share with you some funny things Logan has been doing lately. Last night at the tball game, we switched dugouts from the one we normally use and after he finished running the bases, he started to the wrong dugout. We all started yelling at him to come to our side and he looked right at me and held up his thumb and first finger to make the "looser" symbol. We all died laughing and we asked him what that meant and he said "winners, duh". Too funny. Also, last night when Ricky was leaving to go back to work, he gave me a kiss and Logan jumps up and says "alright, enough with the kissy kissy". Don't know where he heard that from but it was hilarious. He says some of the funniest things. This weekend they are going to "Grammy's" house and I told him that last night when he was going to bed. He responded with...

Logan: "Am I spending the night?"
Me: "Yes"
Logan: "Do I have to behave?"
Me: "Yes"

I then shut the door and busted out laughing.

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  1. so you all had the weekend free-sweet! i am technically starting my "friday night" at work. love to only work 3 days= hate to have to work at all LMBO!!

    Logan is too funny- "do I have to behave?"-