Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I know it has been a few days since my last post. We have been busy. This past weekend we went to Atlanta to see some baseball games. It was really nice and we all had fun. We got to see Greg Maddux's number retired and some fireworks after the game and then on Saturday, we toured the CNN center and got an autograph from their rookie pitcher. The kids enjoyed it as well. I will post some pictures as soon as I upload them from my camera.

Yesterday, Laney had a developmental evaluation and a visit with her caseworker. They tested her cognitive development and her language skills. Per the test they used, she is at a 13 mth age equivalent for her cognitive abilities and at a 11 mth age equivalent for her language abilities. Last week at therapy, they tested her using the Peabody test and she is averaging 11 mth for Physical Therapy and 14 mth for her visual motor skills and 7 mth for her grasp. She is doing really well overall and it is hard to hear these numbers from these test because she is a toddler...she has a mind of her own. Some things we know she can do the correct way but she is stubborn and won't do it when they want her to so that affects her scores sometimes.

Logan has decided he doesn't want to play soccer this Fall but he wants to play golf. What a strange kid he is...LOL. I can't believe it is almost his birthday and he will be 6 yrs old and starting 1st grade. He is growing way too fast.

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  1. Hey chicka Blake wants to take golf lessons too! How random these lil guys are. Bobby hasn't played golf since the beach trip last year.

    Logan is too stinkin cute in his lil uniform and the pic of him drinking and squinting. Laney's smile can light up an entire building - love that she was kissing herself in the mirror:)

    As far as explaining Ds to Logan= this is what I told/tell Blake.....that everyone is different~ some have to be in wheelchairs, others have to have braces to walk, some can't hear and use sign language.....just kind of that we all have our special ways about us.