Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Time...it just seems to evaporate in front of my eyes. I have great intentions of all the things I need to get done but most of them never come to be because I simply run out of time. Where does it go???

I have now signed up for classes at the local community college. I aim to get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood/Special Needs. I am taking 4 classes this semester along with trying to work some as a substitute teacher and Logan will be in 1st grade and of course all of Laney's therapy and doctor appointments. I will be busy but I am confident I can handle it...hope Ricky's up to the challenge of me being a zombie...LOL.

Laney goes back to see her eye doctor tomorrow. Ricky took the day off to go with me this time since he has never met this doctor (he has at least made an appearance at all appts so far except this one). I am a little worried because her eye seems a little worse and the other is turning in alot now as well. I don't know what all this means but I am anxious to see what he recommends. I am not sure if I will get a second opinion right away because Laney goes to the Down syndrome clinic in November for evaluation by all specialist (they are all at one place and it takes the whole day almost...so I am told) and I may just wait until then. I guess we will decide once we here what Dr. Eyeballs has to say about it tomorrow. (Side note...I am giving all her doctors nicknames because it will be much simpler to blog about it that way and of course I don't want to use their real names without permission).

She is trying really hard now to walk. She will take steps but only holding on to your fingers or cruising. She is too scared to let go yet. I am hoping she will be able to take a couple steps at the Buddy Walk this October. Just a few steps is all I ask...

We got the report today from her developmental evaluation last week. It shows she is having some mild to significant delays but as I understand from the lady that came out, some things are dependant upon others and if she can't do something just yet, then she can't do the things that come after it. Once she learns to do certain things, her scores will come up because she will be able to do more. I know that makes no sense but it is the simplest way to explain it. For example, if she can't walk yet then of course she can't run so she doesn't get those points and it counts towards her delay. They said she is really high functioning it appears and they think she is doing really well. I struggle with these test because they are so conforming. Of course no toddler is going to perform on command...they never do. I just try to keep that in mind when I get results.

Logan is getting closer to his 6th birthday and starting 1st grade. I am more upset about him starting 1st grade than I was him starting kindergarten. Strange huh. I told Ricky earlier today I just might cry when he starts this year because now it is "for real". He gets letter grades instead of just and "S", "N", or "I". He only ever got "S" of course but you know what I mean. Now he has to start reading books to take test on them, not just for the pleasure of it. All big changes coming this way; let's hope I am ready for them.

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