Saturday, August 29, 2009


I know I have been a slacker but I do have a good excuse...we have been super busy here. I started school and then Logan started school. My mom is sick and has had to have surgery and is currently in the ICU and probably will be until sometime next week. Laney has had therapy as usual but Ricky has been handling this on Mondays while I am in class. Busy busy busy!

Laney has her follow up eye exam this coming Thursday. We will see how her eye has changed and I guess talk some more about the surgery. Rick's mom is going with me and Rick's dad and step mom are coming to our house to get Logan off the bus in case we aren't back in time since the appt. is in Charlotte. She is doing so great though. She is getting really brave and bold and has taken a step or two here and there. She is finally signing!!! She has had the ability to do it for a while now but she just wouldn't do it for us. I would see her do it randomly but not in context but now she is doing it...she is signing "more". I have a video of her doing it that I will upload soon. Now hopefully she won't be stubborn and will keep up the momentum and pick up the other signs we want her to begin using. She really likes the praise I give her when she signs for me so I think it will be smooth sailing now. I am super excited.

Logan had his first week of 1st grade last week. He does NOT like it. He has homework every night and they don't play everyday like they did last year in Kindergarten. He has reading every night and unfortunately, the books they send home for him to read are way below his reading level and are very boring to him so that causes some conflict. Logan is a great reader and has been reading level 2 books since early Spring. We don't want to move him up to level 3 until I am sure he gets the comprehension part of it first but I think he is pretty much ready now. I can let him read me a book and then ask him questions about it and he can answer them correctly so I think he is retaining the information he is reading. This is very important because they have AR test on library books that he earns points for. He is also already watching "toy reviews" on youtube and telling me things he wants for Christmas. Boy he is prepared huh...

I have some photos of Logan's first day of school but I have yet to upload them to the computer so as soon as I do, I will post those along with the little video of signing Laney.

Until next time...

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