Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today Laney had a new ST come out since her last ST bought a home in another town and is longer working in our area. (We were sad to see her go) I had met this new ST once before today but couldn't really remember her but I am so pleased. She is going to be just exactly what Laney needs. She has a louder voice than the previous ST and Laney responds better to someone that can be more firm sounding. Keep in mind I loved our previous ST. She was awesome and made so much progress with Laney. I was so sad to see her go.

Alas, today was also the 6 mth IFSP. Perfect timing since the new ST wants Laney to have speech twice a week instead of just once. She wants to be able to work on oral motor/language one day and feeding the other day. We kept most of our goals because we generalize them so that we don't have alot of picky little detail goals and we added one. These meetings are always so love/hate for me. I hate having to put a time frame or "schedule" on my daughter's abilities and progress but I know that it is just for her benefit so that we have a regimen for her to follow.

We also bought Laney a new pair of tennis shoes. They are her first official pair of big girl shoes...LOL. She did NOT like it when I took them off so my MIL could pay for them. She also was pulling boots off the shelf like she liked them too. I think I may have a shoe diva on my hands...she is truly her mother's daughter.

I also found out today that "Grammy's" son and his girlfriend are's a GIRL!!! I am so excited for them. I told them that now Laney will have someone to grow up with.

These next few weeks are going to be busy and hectic. We have a birthday party this weekend at the skating rink for my friend's son...he will be 5. Next week is Logan's birthday and he will be 6. We are having his party on Saturday and he keeps telling people that I am changing his birthday. Too cute! We will have his friends at the party and then on Sunday his great-grandparents are coming over to eat cake (Sunday is his actual birthday) and play with the kids. I will post plenty of photos and probably some videos too. Oh and I start college and Logan starts 1st grade. Lots of things going on here the next few weeks...

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