Thursday, August 13, 2009


It seems that Laney is a nosey and sassy little girl. She loves to be all in your business. It is really cute but when she gets older boy are we in trouble. She is such a social butterfly. She loves getting attention and will show herself to make sure she gets it. Hmmmm, I am so wondering where she got this from...

Logan is getting excited about school starting back but he is even more excited that once he turns 6 years old he gets to do chores. I am sure this excitement will wear off but I am amazed he is looking forward to it. He didn't even care that I told him he would earn money for doing chores but later he said he could take his money to buy toys. We will see how long it takes him to catch on that he has to do it on his own without us assisting all the time. His starting chores are: brush teeth, take bath, and clean room daily. The first two are a given but sometimes he shows out when it is time (because it interupts playing) so the goal is to make it more of an uneventful habit. He starts this on Monday (the day after his birthday).

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  1. All the best with the chores! That's a great starting list.