Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yes, We are still here...

I know everyone was wondering where we were since there have been no blog posts lately but boy have we been busy. Here is the recap:

We took Laney back to the eye doctor for her follow up week before last. Dr. Eyeballs decided that we should go ahead and schedule her eye surgery for whenever was convenient for us. Unfortunately, he only does surgery on Mondays and I am in school on Mondays and Wednesdays. So, we scheduled the surgery for Monday, October 5th, the only Monday I am out of school until mid December. I didn't want to wait until December because I didn't want to do her surgery around the holidays. We did her ear tube and adenoidectomy a couple weeks before her birthday this year and I didn't like that so in a few weeks my little princess will have the operation on her right eye to correct the exotropia strabismus. She has to go back to see Dr. Eyeballs one more time before surgery on the 24th for one last measurement. We have also discontinued the eye drops we were using to "patch" her left eye to strengthen the right eye.

Also, Laney has taken a few steps here and there but nothing too major and nothing to get excited about...until yesterday. Last night, we were playing around with Laney and she took several steps. The most she took unassisted was 5! Yes, that is correct, she took 5 whole steps before falling into my arms. We were so excited. She is getting more and more confident and gets so excited when we get her to walk to us. I can't wait but then again, she is going to be into everything. She is a bit destructive ya know. Ricky and I were talking tonight that her PT will be so excited to see her Monday and see what she has now learned how to do. I am just super thrilled I was home to see her first steps. I was scared she would take them at therapy and I wouldn't be there (since I have started back to school, Ricky now takes her to PT/OT). She is also signing "more" regularly now and we have started working on adding a few more signs. She knows how to do them but is too stubborn to use them when we want her to. Oh well, it will happen, sometime.

Another reason we have been MIA is that my mom had surgery and had some complications from that and ended up in the ICU and eventually on a ventilator. She was very ill for over a week and then we started seeing improvements and she is lots better now. She was finally sent to a regular room and still doesn't remember everything that went on. She did say that it scared her to know she "missed" a week of life and can't remember anything from then. She is on the road to recovery now so we are very happy. It was very hard to see her so sick and to know that she could die from the complications. It scared us and her as well. Thankfully, she improved and is healing nicely now.

Still, we have another family member that is terminally ill and we have been dealing with that as well. It is my husband's grandfather (his stepdad's dad). He has cancer and they have now called hospice in for him. He is having a rough time and his children are alternating spending the night with him and grandmother. It is very difficult to watch him suffer but we know that he will be in a better place when it is his time. It is so nice to be able to spend this time with him and we do cherish it. We are so thankful we are allowed this time because we know that is not always the case. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

On to Logan now. He has started Cub Scouts and is very excited. We have bought his book and will start working on earning his first badge this week. This will be something that Ricky and Logan do together (I will fill in as needed but I think it best that Dad deals with all this out doors stuff...we all know I am an inside kinda girl). He also starts his golf lessons this week. He is super excited about that as well. He doesn't understand why we haven't bought him his own set of clubs yet. We have decided to wait to make sure he likes golf and if so I think that will be a great gift to ask Santa for.

So, I have lots of pictures and videos to load and share with you but just haven't had the time to do that yet. I will soon though...I hope...

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