Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our new addition...

Well I know its been a few days but we have been very busy. We adopted a new dog named Sadie from the local humane society. Logan has started soccer for the Spring season so we have to add his practices to our schedule and I have started going to the gym at night with a friend (trying to loose some weight...lol). Logan starts his games next Monday so I will have some pics from games after that. Laney has been doing great in therapy. She is really starting to try to pull to stand now and took a few assisted steps cruising yesterday as well. Her therapist say that all they have to do is show her a few times what to do and she picks it up and starts trying herself. We have a "crawler" from the CDSA that we are going to work with her on to make her crawl on her hands and knees. We shall see if this works...lol. Below are just a few update pics from my babies and the newest addition to our family.

Laney eating a banana
Our new dog...Sadie

Logan acting silly...

Logan and Sadie on the couch

meeting the neighbors puppy

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