Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearing Test

Laney had her follow up hearing test today and the doctor was very pleased with the results. He said she did a lot better today and was satisfied with the results because she is where she should be for her age and development but he does want us to repeat it again in 3 months just to keep a close eye on her hearing. He also gave us some nasal wash for her congestion. He said we shouldn't use a decongestant or anything because at her age, the mucus needs to come out so she gets better. We are supposed to squirt this wash in her nasal passages every morning for 2 weeks. He said once we squirt it in, goo will pour out. I will let you know how this goes. He said children and adults can use it and that it is really good. He quoted a study about it but I won't go into that on here except to say that it was way better than any prescription he could have give her (according to the study).

On another note, Logan is very excited about Valentine's Day because he gets to give his friends cards and suckers. He ask me each morning is it Valentine's yet. It is really cute. Oh and we were in Pizza Hut tonight and I had gone up to pay and Rick was at the booth with the kids and suddenly I hear "I'll kick your ass!" I turn around because I know this voice and it is sure enough coming out my Logan's mouth. I couldn't believe it. He says he heard it on youtube so I think he is going to be restricted from that site from now on. (we pull up what he can watch and it is just super mario galaxy walkthroughs so not sure how he heard that) We really got on to him about saying a bad word and he was kinda cute and funny because he had no clue but I think we scared him from saying it again. LOL!!!

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