Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, it seems we have a plague in my house (LOL). Logan woke up with a fever this morning but I just thought he may have caught a bug at school because his teacher said a few kids had been out sick this week. I gave him some OTC meds and we went on with our day. We went to see Rick's dad and stepmom as we had planned. While we were out to eat, Logan said his ear hurts. I finally called the pediatricians office to speak with a nurse and they said I should call in the morning and take him to the weekend clinic. I checked his temp and it was 104!!! I called them back and they said to give motrin and tylenol alternately to help bring it down. It is down to 101 something right now and he feels a little better but I am sure it will be a rough night here. Laney is still a little fussy at night with the chicken pox so hopefully we will get a little sleep tonight.

I will post tomorrow after we go to the doctor for Logan.

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