Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doctor visit

Well, I had to take Laney to the doctor this afternoon because she was still running a fever. We thought maybe it was from the vaccines she recieved last week but when she still had it today, her pediatrician wanted to check her out due to her history with ear infections and such. So last week she got the chicken pox vaccine and apparently some kids get chicken pox from this...I had no idea. Well, it happened to Laney..She has the chicken pox vaccine strand. URGH!! She has little red bumps all over her chest and tummy and in her head. She is so pitiful. He said that we should just keep giving Tylenol for the fever, which should go away in a few days, and give her benadryl for the itching. He also said that any adults that haven't had the chicken pox and children who haven't had them or the vaccine could get them from her...well...Ricky has never had the chicken pox so we have to watch him now. I don't know what I will do if he gets them.

I also talked to him about the hearing problem with Laney. He said he would be concerned but wouldnt loose sleep over it. He said we should probably be aggressive just because of her succeptibility to ear issues anyway and I agree.

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