Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preschool, ending of the school year...etc...

Things have been a bit wild around our house lately. Logan's school and scouts, my school and clinicals, Laney's therapy and now a preschool meeting. I wonder sometimes how I manage to get it all completed and still have the time to shower and Let's get the updates going...

Logan is nearing the end of first grade and he is doing awesome. He has made the straight "A" honor roll twice this year and made the "AB" honor roll once. I have expressed my concerns about him being bored in class to his teacher but she seems unconcerned. I will be very glad when this year is over. When he is doing his homework, he wants to rush through it and makes careless mistakes so I think he is bored with his work because it isn't challenging enough for him. He is almost on a third grade reading level. He loves to read!!! His favorite thing to read right now is Junie B. Jones books. He is also becoming quite good at hitting the baseball. He will play tball again this year at the city park. He says it is baseball, not tball because he doesn't hit off the tee. He is so funny. You never know what he will say. He is very quick witted and very very curious and attentive (unless I am telling him to clean his room and then he can't seem to understand the words coming out of my mouth or the sign language I do for him since he acts like he can't hear

Laney is doing wonderful. She continues to amaze us daily. She is still not talking much but our amazing ST "J" says she is beginning to make more sounds to combine for words. She has said some new words but won't really repeat them so it is still just random. She has learned to climb a ladder to a small slide and loves to try to climb the ladder to the slide on their swing set. (I help her of course) She had her eye surgery on April 5th and did great. Her eyes both appear straight now and the eye doctor said it looks like a success. She had no complications or troubles with her anesthesia or the surgery itself. We have scheduled her meeting for preschool admission for today. I wanted to go ahead and get things rolling with that since it is almost the end of the school year and then once school starts back, things are always hectic for the teachers. I know where I want her to go and I have already spoken to the teacher there to ask what I needed to know to get prepared for her to begin next January. I know I am way ahead of the game, but time really flies by so I wanted to get a head start.

We have also been busy redecorating our sunroom. We replaced the outdoor carpet so that it is more padded for the kids. It is awesome! Both the kids love playing out there. Laney will go to the sliding door and knock on it and say "knah knah det ouh" which I interpret as "knock knock get out" meaning she wants me to open the door so she can go in and out playing. We have also been doing her therapies out there since she loves it so much and so far it is going great. The weather has been pretty nice here, not too hot yet, but the mornings sure are chilly.

We went to the beach Easter weekend. That was the second time Laney or Logan had been. Of course, Logan remembers the last time and was so excited to go to the ocean. We are so very fortunate that my husband's stepdad's family owns a house down there so we can go pretty much anytime we want (as long as the date is available in the The kids both loved the beach house and they both loved the ocean and playing in the sand. Laney loved it so much that she sat there, shoveling sand into her bucket for 45 minutes without moving or saying anything. That is an accomplishment for a 2 year old!

I have also been on a diet! This is month two and I have lost about ten pounds so far. I can really tell a difference in the way my clothes fit (most of them are too big now...woohoo). Also, I just finished my last day of clinicals for CNA on Monday and only have two more days of class in which we are going to be doing mock testing. After that, we can take the state exam. I have also taken the PSB for the LPN program but no one has heard anything yet on who gets to go back for the interviews. If I don't get in the LPN program, I plan to take CNA II in the Fall and then apply to the RN program in January for the following Fall. I still have to take Chemistry before I can apply. I have decided to take the summer off from school and spend it with the kids and Ricky. I may try to find a part-time job working as a CNA just so that I have my foot in the door somewhere once I do graduate.

Oh!!! Almost forgot...the week before we were going to the beach, Ricky totalled our van when he hit a huge deer. Thankfully he was not hurt at all and thankfully it was him and not me that did it. The insurance process was very quick thank goodness. He wrecked on Wednesday morning (I mean like 3:45am) and on Saturday, we had a new car. Thank goodness for GAP

Who knows what our futures hold but right now, I am very happy with how ours is looking. I will try to post some pictures soon. I just haven't had the time to work on them lately with all my Anatomy homework...for some strange reason, I took that class online...not a good idea but I am passing so I guess it is okay.

Until next time...

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  1. Hey Tasha,

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but you seem to be handling it wonderfully. I'm glad Ricky is okay and that your insurance took care of you!