Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is really feeling like winter here in the South although we have no snow (the kids are sad about that but not me because when we get snow, we loose power and that is no fun). The Christmas decor is up and the presents are wrapped and under the tree. Logan received a letter from Santa the other night and I am so glad because he has really improved with his behavior and listening.

Laney is walking everywhere now and still jabbering up a storm. She is signing more now and is getting better at it each day. She got the H1N1 vaccine last week when I went for my TB test and Tetanus shot (from which my arm is still sore and it has been a whole week now). I have to go back for more vaccines for the CNA program I was accepted into for next semester. I am super excited.

Logan is doing great in school...he was on the A honor roll and still is. He is super smart and loves reading; this makes me very happy. He loves to read books to Laney and is a superb big brother. He is really enjoying Cub Scouts and received his Bobcat badge a few weeks ago. We are so proud of him. Now they are working on their Pinewood Derby Cars...not my forte so Daddy has to handle

I will try to post some pics throughout the holiday season but we will be a bit busy so I will just try my best.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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