Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where did the time go?

Wow! I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted on here. Lots of things have been happening and we have been pretty busy with no end in sight it seems. So what have we been up to you might ask...

Laney did not have her eye surgery. Dr. Eyeballs determined that when he took the last measurements, when she looks across the room, she doesn't have the problem of her eye turning inward, that only happens when she looks at something up close. We go back in November to check her again. We may not have to do the surgery at all but still not sure. We may be able to try bifocal glasses to try to correct the problem since she is getting a little older now. It is just a game of wait and see.

Laney has started her therapy at home now. We decided this might be the best for her because of all the flu and H1N1 going around, we want to limit her exposure to those germs. We had our first visit with the OT yesterday and she was great. I think she is really going to work well with Laney. Our first visit with the new PT is tomorrow morning. I hope that goes well also. Laney has started saying more words now...she can say: mama, dada, pawpaw, bite (or bak bak we arent sure but it does mean food), bubba, bye-bye, oh, uh-oh, and she has said something that sounds like thank you once. She is also using her signs more effectively now. She only signs "more", "drink", and "bye-bye" but we are still working on it. Our next sign to implement is "eat". She is really starting to take off walking as well. She can still only take a few steps with no assistance but if you are holding her hands, she wants to run. She is cruising a good bit as well and climbing into the recliner. She is just really making great strides in her fine and gross motor skills here lately.

Logan is still not liking first grade. He says he doesn't like his teacher. I am not sure if it is because he is bored or what is going on there. We have our first teacher conference next week and I plan to discuss this with her at that time. She has booked her conferences for every 15 minutes but I will discuss everything I want with her at that time and not feel rushed so she can hurry home. He is doing really well on his grades and things like that but the reading is boring to him I know because his reading level is well beyond what they are working on now. He was reading things like they are working on when he was in preschool. He is an awesome reader and he loves to read. I am so glad of that. I hated reading when I was little but I love it now. Hopefully because he sees Ricky and I reading he will continue to enjoy it. My parents never read books or magazines so I didn't have that influence.

Also, my husband's grandfather passed away last week from cancer so we were not able to participate in the Buddy Walk this year. I was very sad about that but we needed to be with the family and that is what is most important. We will have a big blast next year though. I am already looking forward to it. We have been busy with Logan playing golf and being in Cub Scouts as well. We are having the big fish fry we put on every year with my in-laws next weekend and that will be awesome and so much fun. I have also been staying pretty busy with school as well for myself.

As for now, that is all I have to share but I will try not to let it be as long between post next time. Laney has a hearing test tomorrow so I will try to post tomorrow evening how that goes. I think she can hear me just fine but whether she listens or not, well that is another story...

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